Welcome to Science Tours Copenhagen! The history of Copenhagen is also the history of some of the greatest scientific discoveries! Come along on a guided science tour and get acquainted with the science of Tycho Brahe, Ole Rømer, H.C. Ørsted, Niels Bohr and more! We’ll see where it all happened as we walk through the old Copenhagen city center. See you soon in Copenhagen!
Book and read more below! Choose Science Tour 1 if you just want the good but short overview – and still walk away a whole lot more clever about the history of physics and Copenhagen! Choose Science Tour 2 for a more in-depth presentation of both the historical stuff and the sciency stuff and include some of the best Copenhagen sights! Choose Science Tour 3 if you are planing a company tour/conference day/family trip!

A 1.5 hour guided walk in Copenhagen.

Guided Science Tour 1

– The Great Physicists of Copenhagen

A 4 hour guided walk in Copenhagen.

Guided Science Tour 2

– Renaissance and Quantum Copenhagen

A taylored science day in Copenhagen. 

Guided Science Tour 3

– VIP science tour in Copenhagen.

An introduction to physics in Copenhagen. 

Science talk

-History of physics in Copenhagen