Science Talk

Science Talk – Introduction to the Physicists of Copenhagen

The history of science is fascinating! In these talks we give an overview of the great advances in science that took place in and around Copenhagen. We will discover the history of the groundbreaking discoveries of:

⭐ Tycho Brahe ⭐

⭐ Niels Steensen ⭐

⭐ Ole Rømer ⭐

⭐ H.C. Ørsted ⭐

⭐ Niels Bohr ⭐

⭐ Inge Lehmann ⭐

Talk 1: We approach the questions: How are these big scientific breakthroughs discovered? Can we even know? And what does it take to make a “successful” discovery? It turns out, that a lot more than just “a lightning striking ⚡” is at play. The science behind great discoveries can be understood as “pure” science expressed in our modern scientific language or we can in our investigation of “what happened?” look at the broader contexts of social environments, the philosophical inspirations and the personal circumstances of the researchers. In this talk we investigate both the science and the “history behind”… and thereby we find many surprises: Sometimes the discoverer had a completely different interpretation than out modern version of the science. In other examples, perhaps somebody made the discovery first. Myths seem to surround great discoveries -sometimes for centuries- and the audience is encouraged to judge for themselves whether there are truths in theses myths. The scientific concepts are presented at an introductory or college level. The talk can be combined with a guided city walk and/or a science workshop.

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