Guided Science Tour 2 Renaissance Science in Copenhagen

A 4 hour walking tour including the Round Tower and Rosenborg Castle.
Take in the oldest part of Copenhagen and learn about the life and times of the great scientist: Niels Steensen, Tycho Brahe and Ole Rømer. The history of Copenhagen is deeply entangled into the history science. We’ll walk through the old city center and talk about the science and the remarkable stories behind how Ole Rømer discovered the speed of light, how Tycho Brahe became the most important renaissance astronomer and how Niels Steensen became founder of modern geology, fysiology and chrystallography! The theories are explained in a an easy-to-grasp manner and there is good time for questions and debate, and to investigate the historical sights of Rosenborg Castle and The Round Tower.

Booking and payment -please contact:

(+45) 40423331

This talk has a three-fold focus:

  • Understand the science.
  • Get to know the extraordinary series of personal and social events that accompanied the scientific discoveries.
  • See the wonderful old central part of Copenhagen in the light of the history of science.

Duration approx. 4 hours.

Dress according to the weather! And be prepared to do some walking!

Price: Adults: 825 dkr. /110 eur.
Please ask for group discounts.

The cost of this tour includes fees and taxes, so don’t worry about any extra cost.
Entrances included: Rundetårn (The Round Tower) and Rosenborg Slot (Rosenborg Castle). Please note that this tour may not be fully accessible for disabled (please ask for further information).

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