Science Tour

Guided walk with a science theme! We start at 10.00 am by The Round Tower (Rundetårn). A great starting point for getting to now Copenhagen! If you’d like to see the beautiful city of Copenhagen, and enjoy good stories behind great discoveries, this is the tour for you!

The history of Copenhagen is deeply entangled into the history science. We’ll walk through the old copenhagen city center and stop and talk about the great scientific discoveries that took place in the fields of  electromagnetism, astronomy , geophysics and quantum physics. Along the way we’ll  get an overview of the groundbreaking discoveries of Niels Bohr, Tycho Brahe, HC Ørsted, Inge Lehmann, Niels Steensen and Ole Rømer. We will look into the social and scientific environments of the times, and we will try to answer the question: How (on earth) did they discover it?

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Guided Science Tour – Information

There are no prerequisites for Guided Science Tour – you don’t need any math or physics skills to follow! (But maybe you’ll learn something along the way :).

You get:

  • Guided walk in the beautiful old inner city Copenhagen.
  • Great overview of the history of science in Copenhagen – the you-must-know-this-tour.
  • Insight into the science and how the great discoveries came about (don’t worry, we’ll keep it simple unless you ask for more!).
  • Insight into the scientific and social environment of the times. You’ll get the historical picture, which is a great way to learn and a great way to experience Copenhagen!
  • The best of all the myths, anecdotes and fun-facts.
  • Science educated guide.

Duration approx. 1.5 hours.

Starting point: 10.00 am by The Round Tower (Rundetårn); by the trees close to the entrance to the tower. We are back at the Round Tower at 11.30. Addresse: Købmagergade 52A / Landemærket 3.

Dress according to the weather! We only cancel in extreme weather (which is rare) or in case of other problematic conditions.

Languages: English and Danish.

Price: Adults: 300 dkr. /40 euro.
The cost of this tour includes fees and taxes, so don’t worry about extra cost.
Entrances included: Rundetårn (The Round Tower). Please note; this tour may not be fully accessible for disabled.

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